We help good people fund their good causes

Whether you are trying to support your club, make a needed repair, pay medical bills, or help someone make their dreams come true -- you are doing a good thing, and you deserve some help.

Let "Do It Yourself Tickets" make your job easier. This software and perforated paper handles the job quickly and accurately and adds a professional polish.

The easy-to-use software works on any PC and you'll be making your own raffle tickets or event tickets in just minutes. The ticket making software puts numbers on the stub and body of the ticket for extra security. You can add your favorite clipart or pictures, resize the images, add and edit text and choose any font and color you prefer.

You can save the tickets, edit the saved ticket design, change the starting numbers and reprint them as many times as you like. The 8-tickets-per-page template allows you to print a lot of tickets with a minimum of paper.

Easy-To-Use SoftwareSample 1

Once you’ve installed the included software (or click here for a free demo copy) you can create numbered tickets in just minutes.


Why Drawings WorkSample 2

Successful organizations have known about fund raising through raffle drawings for many years. At the same time, they may not realize the full benefits ...


Tips For Successsample 3

A few tips to maximize your success while avoiding common difficulties …


Design • Number • Print • Separate

Even beginners can master these steps in just minutes! This easy-to-use Windows software lets you design and add numbers to tickets or other projects in just minutes. The micro-perforated paper will print tickets on virtually any printer.