Suggestions for a successful raffle:

A few tips to maximize your success while avoiding common difficulties …

  1. Always include contact information including: Organization name, web site, address, and phone number.

  2. Post the date the drawing will be held.

  3. Be specific about the prize(s) (and clearly state if an equivalent prize may be substituted.)

  4. Clearly state who will benefit from the funds raised. Advertise the fact if you are a non-profit organization. Helping deserving people makes the purchaser feel good about the money they are spending.

  5. Make sure you start with enough number spaces. Don’t be shy about adding extra 0s so that you have the option of making a second or third printing. (ex: Don’t start with only 3 spaces [001-999] if there is ANY chance you’ll print more than 999 tickets.)

  6. If you know the chances of winning, go ahead and brag about it. It’s an incentive to buy, or spend extra money, if there is a high chance of winning.

  7. Clearly state the cost of the ticket on its face. All kinds of problems could occur if  volunteers become confused about how much to charge.

  8. Legal disclaimer: Make sure raffles are legal in your location. Include any and all disclaimers or special wording your locality may require.
    Links to state-by-state information can accessed at


Who benefits
from raffles
and drawings?

Charitable Organizations

Clubs - Schools - Churches

Firemen - Police - Athletes

Disabled Persons - More


Tips for success

Red Cross

With a little planning and support, your drawing can run without a hitch.

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