The software included with the Do It Yourself Tickets Starter Pack has satisfied many users for many years. But, you don't have to take our word for it. Below are actual comments from our users.

We invite your feedback. If you would care to add your comments to this page, please e-mail them to info@doityourselftickets.com. 

»          Mary F., Chestertown, MD
WOW!! Thank you very much!! I have had the program for a while and it is fabulous!! I am head of special events for fund raising for the Eastern Shore Alano Club and my raffles have impressed everyone! Thank you again!

»          William H., Little Falls, NY
Being a very happy user of your raffle ticket software for about 6 months now I just wanted to say thank you for such an easy to use program. It is the best. It has helped us raise the funds we need to support our spay/neuter programs.. Thank you.

»          Diane S., Haverhill, MA
You've been most helpful and the program works exactly as advertised. I was presented with the project of creating raffle tickets 2 days ago, and it needs to be done in the next 3 days. After a 2 minute install and not bothering to read the instructions ( I work in IT and rarely read instructions) I had formatted tickets in less than 3 minutes! The program was very easy to use and shaved lots of time off the project. I would have spent hours fiddling with Publisher to format the ticket and create a mail merge for the numbering. And having the pre-preforated paper for sale on your site made things so much easier. I have already received the shipping confirmation.

»          Leslie D., Piedmont, OK
Janice, you are one awesome service individual!!! Thank you so much for taking time out of your Sunday to answer my questions and for the idea to put more information on the back!! Please let your "boss" read this e-mail so they can know how much I appreciate all your help, especially on Thursday when I ordered the paper and you made a special trip to the post office and warehouse to get me the paper quickly!!!

»          Kallie K., Honey Brook, PA
I have been using your products to create raffle tickets for our organization for almost one year. The American Legion Auxiliary Unit #422 is very pleased at the savings on the cost of printing our own fund raising raffle tickets! Great Service Too!

»          Ron B., St. Louis, MO
Raffle Ticket is far and above what I expected when I purchased the software 2 years ago. The software performs just as advertised and has saved our Elks Lodge time and money when creating tickets. I also appreciate the fast turn around to get paper and the staff at Harvest American is great to work with! Thanks again for such a great product!

»          Alison M., Hemel Hempstead, UK
We have recently purchased your Raffle Ticket CD package, and firstly I have to say how impressed I was with the service. Delivery to the UK was extremely quick - so thanks once again.

»          Cathy L., Irvington, KY
I love this program. I wish that our school knew about this years ago! Thanks for making it easy.

»          Brook D., Melbourne, FL
I can't wait to receive the paper and start printing. You were right, the tickets are simple to create and I did so in about 5 minutes :) They look great! Thanks so much!

»          Marion D., Teignmouth, UK
Thank you for your help yesterday - I've produced the tickets. Armed with the software we will save a fortune in printing costs for future raffles.

»          Joel E., Berwyn, IL
WooooooWaaaaaaah. It seems like I just got off the phone with you and the package was delivered today! Awesome!

»          Dawn O., Crest Hill, IL
I’ve been researching for weeks, and was just about to give up and pay over $80 for one time processing of 250 tickets! Your product is far more economical and we can use it over and over! And the bond paper….pre-perforated! We are now able to print only what we need. I’m passing the word…and the website!

»          Brenda M, Ft. Simpson, NT
I love the raffle system you have set up! On raffle number 3 and it's an amazing fundraiser! Working with 3 groups now and we all love your system!!!!!!

»          Ed K, Limerick, PA
Fast Fast Fast Thank you. Your program is saving us a lot of time!!!



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