Why it’s important to number tickets

It’s sad to say, but we all know someone who has fallen prey to fraud.

Almost every one of us has been the victim of a scam at one time or another. Whether lured in by a phishing scheme, subjected to slack security measures, or just plain suckered during a moment of vulnerability, the damages are serious for the individual. The costs can be devastating when predators take aim at whole organizations.

The need for security has never been more clear.

Numbering of tickets used in drawings is an obvious, yet effective, way to thwart the bad guys. With numbered tickets, it’s simple to look up who sold the ticket in question and find out the name of the purchaser. This alone can halt a lot of mischief.

Another benefit to numbered tickets is that they become traceable. You’ll know who was assigned which lot of tickets and how many were actually sold. You’ll know how many tickets went unsold, and most importantly, how much money should be turned in.

We all want to trust the individuals we encounter everyday – especially the ones working alongside us for the good of our chosen cause. Numbered tickets make it possible to extend that trust and feel secure in our choices. And that, truly, is priceless.



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